May, 2013

  1. Springtime Garden

    Many of our in-ground perennials survived the winter and are starting to bloom, our trees are blossoming, and the grass hasn’t scorched in the summer heat yet. Couple that with planting potted annuals and our new veggie garden table on the patio last weekend, and our yard is looking pretty cute!

  2. Best surprise (and sister) ever!

    Devin briefly mentioned that Lauren came out for a surprise weekend visit, but it totally deserves to be more than a post script because it was the very best part of my birthday! My parents originally planned a lunch with me on Friday as a pre-birthday celebration, which I canceled on Thursday due to a…

  3. Rachel’s Birthday

    The password for the video is: streams She’s always wanted a food fight for her birthday. This year she “settled” on a whipped-cream pie fight in the family backyard. Everyone was a good sport (except Gus). It was plenty messy but I think we got a decent movie trailer (and photos) out of it. And…