House Archives

  1. Springtime Garden

    Many of our in-ground perennials survived the winter and are starting to bloom, our trees are blossoming, and the grass hasn’t scorched in the summer heat yet. Couple that with planting potted annuals and our new veggie garden table on the patio last weekend, and our yard is looking pretty cute!

  2. Making Mr. Miyagi Proud

    We didn’t paint the fence (I’m pretty sure that would have been easier), but we did finally manage to repaint the backdoor. The paint has been chipped ever since we moved in, but we finally got the paint matched and tackled the repainting job over weekend. We also did a fair amount of yard work…

  3. Flower garden

    We’ve been a bit lackadaisical in our updating. We have had a great winter full of puzzles, niece visits (and nieces’ parents visits! hi nieces and nieces’ parents!), lots of accomplishments at work, and a terrible ski season in terms of snow but a great season for friends and fun. We’ve also started tackling some…