There are many different types of vacations: visits to family and friends, lazy beach trips, ski days at mountain lodges, sightseeing tours, fighting crowds at theme parks. But one thing that consistently distinguishes vacations of all types from everyday life is less worry about hair.

I have never been accused of being a person who is excessively fussy with their hair styling. (That was a complete and outright lie. ‘I have never been accused by anyone who’s plans on departing were not being held up by my attempts at looking presentable’ would maybe be more accurate.) I guess the point is that my hair, even when fixed, is nothing to write home about.
But on vacation, it’s even more fabulously unimpressive. In the morning, vacations are about sleeping in and discovering which restaurant in the vicinity makes the best waffles. There is no time for more than a cursory brush and a quick ponytail. And during the day, vacations are about exploring new places with the people you love. They are about letting the humidity (as everywhere is inevitably more humid than Colorado) work its wonders while your hair curls with unfettered abandon. And for this trip in particular, the essence of a vacation is driving with the car windows down, allowing the wind whip through and submerge the whole vehicle with the smell of salty sea air and pine trees. If you have time to worry about your hair, you’re vacationing wrong.

By this measure (as well as many others), our trip to Monterey this past weekend was a complete success.