Flower garden

We’ve been a bit lackadaisical in our updating. We have had a great winter full of puzzles, niece visits (and nieces’ parents visits! hi nieces and nieces’ parents!), lots of accomplishments at work, and a terrible ski season in terms of snow but a great season for friends and fun. We’ve also started tackling some of the projects around the house. Hopefully we’ll get some belated pictures/posts up about some other winter things, but for now we’ll start with the garden.

Last summer we received the gift of plant starts from some very thoughtful childhood neighbors as our wedding present, and this spring we finally got to build our first in-ground flower bed. In addition to the car-ful of plants from Karen and Phil’s garden, we benefited from good timing for Devin’s parent’s garage extension project and were able to help take some flagstone and plants off their hands. With all this, we ended up being able to build a cute little garden around our tree in the front yard.

Fingers crossed that everything will be able to thrive and grow in the new space! Thank you Karen, Phil, Brook, and Rochelle for providing the materials for our project! We hope you come visit and see it in person soon!

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