Best surprise (and sister) ever!

Devin briefly mentioned that Lauren came out for a surprise weekend visit, but it totally deserves to be more than a post script because it was the very best part of my birthday!

My parents originally planned a lunch with me on Friday as a pre-birthday celebration, which I canceled on Thursday due to a hectic work schedule (and because I didn’t realize I was canceling Lauren’s big entrance, due to the nature of surprises.) They adapted their plan and counteroffered with a Starbucks chai date, which is where all the excitement occurred.

My family was waiting for me when I got there. My dad had a table right in sight of the door and my mom was in line, so I didn’t at all notice my sister and niece covertly waiting in the corner. I sat chatting, unaware, until my mom came back to the table with four cups and I wondered who the last drink was for.

It was then that Lauren and Evelyn came up from behind and wished me a happy birthday. My family did such a great job keeping their trip a secret. It was a moment of true shock, happiness, and a few tears.

surprise snuggles

I spent the next half hour talking, niece snuggling, and lunch-cancellation lamenting. Fortunately everyone had already planned a family dinner that night and I had an amazingly efficient rest of the day trying to get out of the office early. We spent the evening watching Matt’s lacrosse game (beating Cherry Creek!), eating a fabulous dinner, roasting Peeps over the fire pit, and sharing stories until late into the evening.

Peep roasting

Lauren, I cannot thank you enough for coming out to spend the weekend with us. It was such an incredible gift and I am so lucky to have a sister who willingly flies across the country to come visit (especially with an unwilling lap child!) I love you, fathead!

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