Operations Analysis: Jurassic Park edition

After re-watching Jurassic Park in all its glory on an IMAX screen yesterday, I am left to ponder the lessons we can apply to our own lives / businesses / dinosaur parks. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science hosted the movie and then led discussions on things like the commercialization of science, greed, and cloning. While all of these are important considerations, I have a few more concrete operational takeaways.

Dinosaur Exhibit at Smithsonian in Washington D. C.

Things they did well

  • Equipping field scientists with shoulder length plastic gloves. (Aside: if it wasn’t the West Indian Lilac making the Triceratops sick, what was? Do we ever find out?)

  • Electric cars; they were totally the forefront of the green revolution.

  • T-Rex proof moonroof on vehicles. Very wise.

  • Excellent choice using a free operating system.

  • A seemingly superb ice cream selection.

Things that could be improved upon

  • Visit the emergency bunker for things like guns and walkie talkies prior to performing an untested shut down on the system.

  • Better yet, perform tests for shutting down the system prior to installing carnivorous dinosaurs.

  • After hiring an impressive game warden, empower him with the authority to staff his own team and equip all of them with high powered guns. Then, do not allow the entire island’s support staff to leave the island simultaneously.

  • Either rename the area around the Visitor’s Center to something other than “compound” or remove the Velociraptors from the vicinity. Preferably the latter, but at the very least strive for accuracy in naming.

  • Remember that if there are four people and two are holding the door, one is working on getting security back online, and the final is standing there nervously jumping up and down, you can perhaps redirect the efforts of the fourth party towards getting the gun.

  • Most importantly of all, do not allow the deployment of two million lines of code directly into a production environment. Dev-Test-Prod for all de-bugging.

As a final consideration for best practices, I do hope that Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler got Mr. Hammond’s offer to fully fund their dig for the next three years in writing. (My guess is not, given that they “don’t really know any” lawyers.) I have sincere doubts that the funding will come through given all of the wrongful death suits and loss of investment funding that are surely coming Mr. Hammond’s way.

As you bask in my wisdom (“clever girl”), feel free to chime in with your own Jurassic Park-inspired learning.

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